Help with dog nipping legs in apartment hallway?

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I recently hired a dog trainer who kind of just gave us advice (our dog is pretty fearful with new strangers especially men anyway, but that is a separate issue) for our 1 year old Tibetan Spaniel (he was basically a rescue when we got him at 9 months; in the kennel not socializing enough)

So he is nipping our legs (especially when we wear shorts in the hallway). Mostly only down the apartment hallway but he does it outside occasionally. He also tries to grab my jacket sometimes as he thinks it’s a game. The biting part is a bigger issue, I know he is playing but I don’t want him to continue this habit.

From the trainer we have learned to go “AH-UH” loudly, kind of like how a dog would bark and then tell him no sir, then make eye contact for about 10-15 seconds and tap him with finger tips if he continues to kind of enforce a dogs “bite” a human way. It is working a little bit but does anyone else have any advice that may help or maybe it’s not working I’m not sure because he stops for a little bit when I try to correct him maybe I just need to do it more consistently so he understands. Any advice? Thank you.

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