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I have been helping my gf train her 6 mo Yorkie/Bijon Frise, as it seems to be getting bad habits. I’ve thoroughly searched through advice and watched videos but so far I’ve not got anywhere. I guess the only thing is I’ve not been trying for long, as we don’t live together, so I’m not sure how she treats it when I’m not there. The key issues we’ve been having are as follows:

Pawing and barking

When I first came into the picture I noticed that the dog seemed to have free roam of the house, and just jumped onto the sofa/bed whenever it felt like it (mostly when we would sit down). I pointed this out and decided that each time it does this I will pick him up and put on the floor, as many times as it takes. Now when we sit on the sofa after doing this, he begins to paw excessively at the chair or at our legs(scratching in the process) and bark. I’ve made sure we both ignore him and give him a treat or ‘good boy’ after he stops and goes away. The issue is he seems to get louder and louder. When it gets really bad I shut him in the kitchen as a time out (see below). I think when I’m not there the gf gives up sometimes and lets him on when he paws.

Separation anxiety

The dog is left alone from 8 till 4 each weekday as my gf goes to work, with someone coming at 12 to walk him. As soon as he is shut in the kitchen, he scratches the door and whines for about 10mins each time she leaves. This also happens behind any door we shut him behind when we are in. I tried training this by leaving the door slightly open, but with the exit blocked so I can see him and will only let him out once all 4 paws are the floor and not whining. Not sure if this the best way to sort this?

He sleeps in my gfs bed, as she feels bad leaving him to sleep on his own/in a crate since she leaves him most of the day. He also follows her round the house, and will scratch at the door if not allowed to follow.

Toilet training

Although he is pretty young, and he is getting slightly better, but going to the toilet indoor is still an issue. My gf refuses to crate train him, as she tried for 2 months and he just cried and she got no sleep. So our best bet is trying to work out when he wants to go, by pacing around, hiding in the kitchen or trying to go upstairs(think he has associated upstairs with the toilet now). I have told my gf not to tell him off (she used to)and make sure he gets a treat when he goes to the toilet outside. The time he can’t be controlled is a night. We take him outside for 2 mins before bed, sometimes he doesn’t go so we just get a nice treat on the bedroom floor from him at about 3am. It is made worse by him eating his own faeces, but we are changing his diet to hopefully prevent this.

There are other issues such as disrespecting our meal times, eating too quick, nipping, trying to forcefully take treats and jumping up – but these aren’t priority and we should be able to fix these. Very cute dog, but a bit of a nightmare!

Any help will be much appreciated!

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