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My pups are 5 months old, getting close to 6 months, half Great Pyrenees (who are notoriously hard to train). They were actually pretty good with their crates up until a few weeks ago. Morri would go in when you told her to, albeit looking sad, because that means we're leaving without her, Kaya would have to be pushed almost all the way to the crate door, but would sit down when she got in. If you left right away, they wouldn't even make a peep (have my dog loving neighbors check if they're barking or freaking out). If you doddled in the house, Morrigan would whimper, but she'd settle down. They each get their favorite treat every time I put them in their crate, and praises when they go in, as well as when I get home.

A few weeks ago, though, I get home and I'm greeted at the door by a bloody Morrigan! She shouldn't be loose and I'm confused and worried by the wound on her face! I investigate the crate and notice the bottom door hook is no longer hooked and the door is bent slightly. She appears to have scraped up her snout while forcing her way out of the crate. I naively thought it was perhaps a one time thing, I mean, who wants to scrape their face up? I was wrong. She did it the next 2 times she was crated, as well, mostly pulling scabs off, causing a little more scrapes, but still nothing severe (asked vet about wound treatment, just antibiotic ointment needed). What can I do to get her to stop injuring herself escaping a crate?

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