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Hey all,

I just got my first puppy and let me say, it's a bit overwhelming. I bought the dog some distance away and had to just put him in the crate for the drive since I was alone. I'm pretty sure it had a huge negative impact. I took off the last 3 day to try and get him settled in. I've been treating him to go into the crate fed meals in the crate but I've made zero progress on him feeling comfortable. Alone especially. He whines for a long time and by the time he stops so I can let him out hes already peed in the crate and looks scared. I make sure to talk him for walks to relieve himself before I try too. Usually he whines loud for like 15-20 mins before he stops and then it's to late. I have to go to work in the next few days and im worried. I only work 5 hrs a day 4 days a week usually. I haven't found any dog daycare that will take a 8 week old puppy that hasn't had its second round of shots yet. I was thinking about taking his crate to my parents house so hell only have to be in there for like an hour and a half before my dad gets home. Would crating him there pull away from training at home? Does anyone have any tips or advice on making him relaxed and quite in his crate? I'm starting to become very stressed about the whole thing.

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