Help with Corgi Chihuahua 2 year old

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My boyfriend’s dog is 2 years old, and I need some advice with training him while also looking out for my safety as well as others. The dog is very aggressive over blankets if they are taken, food, being combed or brushed, or when there is a lot of noise. On top of that, he doesn’t listen to much of anything regarding commands. I want to help get this dog in a good spot so that he is able to do more things with us. Background info: The dog was given to my boyfriend when he was about 6 months old, he had come from a farm. There are 5 people in the house where my boyfriend lives, and there is some arguing sometimes which may account for some of his anxieties. He isn’t potty trained too well, we’re working with puppy pads right now as that seems to be the place we need to start. I’ve told my boyfriend that we need to get him fixed, caught up on vaccines, and trained well before we move in together, because if he is coming with us, I don’t want him to be biting or super aggressive. How do I go about getting him started with learning boundaries, proper ways to address bad behaviors, teaching commands, and getting him potty trained? I understand I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m committed and ready to help this little man become a gentleman pupper. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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