Help with a sudden need for more walks/bathroom trips?

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My 6 year old husky lab mix that we adopted 3 years ago has recently started whining in the middle of the night or very early morning and won’t stop until taken on a walk. When we take him out he always does his business – and quicker than on his usual morning and evening walks.

For obvious reasons, this has been challenging to deal with – I’m writing this at 2am my time after one of these additional walks. We haven’t changed his diet, his feeding schedule or his walking schedule. He has been fine on a walk in the morning (anywhere between 6:45am – 8:30am) and an evening walk (anywhere between 5:00pm – 6:30pm) the entire time we’ve had him up until this point.

I’ll be reaching out to his vet on Monday for support but thought I’d ask here too. Any suggestions on why he might be needing this additional walk and what I can do to stop it?

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