[help] Where do I even begin training an abandoned pit bull mix that has made himself at home in front of my house

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Okay, so I'm not in the States, and there are no no-kill shelters in the region. What we have are plenty of strays. A couple of months ago, an abandoned pit bull mix made himself at home in front of my gate. I fed him, and was trying to integrate him with my existing dog (I also have a cat). Things were going as well as could be expected, but then the dogs got into a fight, and my dog was left nursing an injured leg for a couple of weeks. This was not caused by the newcomer, but rather by a third dog that decided to get involved. That set us back, as my dog became extremely jealous that I was going on walks with the newcomer, and leaving him behind, so we ended up with a second fight (things are improving a bit, enough that I am not ready to give in). The problem is that the pit bull mix seems to have been used as a guard dog in his previous life, and is not used to being outside the fence, so I can't in good conscience leave him there, and to make matters worse yesterday one of my neighbors suggested that I either have him put down, or abandon him far from here. Obviously neither one of those is an option, but for the time being he is tied inside. I know this is not ideal, in fact I know it borders on animal cruelty, but for the time being it is the only thing I can do to keep him alive, and hopefully it will be a short term thing. My top priority is for him to be able to regain his freedom, at least in my yard, but before I can do that, I have to get him to stop barking and growling at my dog whenever we go out. I know this is a two person job, but I live alone, and none of my neighbors seems inclined to help.

I live in a semi-rural area where dogs are seen as tools, and disposable ones at that, so they already think I'm weird for worrying so much about a dog that isn't even mine. Also, the fact that this is a semi-rural area means that my immediate neighbors are the only ones I can turn to. I am also looking at the possibility of rehoming him, but I don't think I'm going to have much luck with that.

Any ideas of how I could go about breaking the impasse? It is really my only hope. Thanks!

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