HELP WANTED: I need some advice in how to stop my dog from destroying my home..

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My dog (1/4 Husky and 3/4 German shepherd) is around 8-month-old, and has started chowing on everything she can get her paws in. But only when we are not home.
Last week she even started chowing up our front door frame, only few hours after we left home.
She is opening doors if they are not locked, and chows up whatever she can find on the floor or on countertops. I am not sure if it is because of stress caused by us not being home, or if she is just bored.
She got a bunch of toys and rope she can chow on, but it seems like that is not enough. It needs to break to be fun. We even when out and bought a “ADAPTIL – Calm Home Diffuser” which should help her calm down at home. But it has been on for about two weeks and does not seem to help.

I have been walking her about 45 minutes before I train some quick commands with her, and then she gets her food. While she eats, I make snacks for her that she needs to use her brain to get. After this, I take of to work and the madness happens. She is normally alone for about 3 hours, before my parents in law comes by and take her for a walk. They are often the those who find the mess she has made, and then call me.

Does someone have an idea to get her to stop all this, and just relax while we are at work?
Would hate to lock her in a cage while we are not at home. Or even worse, get rid of her.

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