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My 4 month old beagle isn’t sleeping through the night. She goes down about 9pm. My fiancé wakes her up to take her outside at 11pm-11:30pm when he goes to bed and puts her in her kennel. She wakes us up at 1:30am crying in her kennel. We take her outside and she pees. Then she wakes again around 4 crying in her cage and we let her out again to use the bathroom and typically put her in our bed. She had issues with diarrhea and was going in her crate so we started sleeping with her on the couch to make sure when she woke up we could immediately take her out. This occurred for 2 weeks. Then we started letting her sleep in our bed because she sleeps through the night. We then found a poop stain in our bed so we put her back in the crate. This has been happening ever since we’ve been putting her in her crate. Does she just have to get used to sleeping in her crate again? Is this normal for her age? We’re very tired puppy parents and want some relieve if anyone has any suggestions.

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