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Hi all, my dog has a really big issue with leash pulling to the point where I'm concerned that she's gonna hurt herself. I've been trying to use the whole stoping when she pulls or go in the other direction move but she's a very stubborn dog as soon at there's any chance she can pull she'll do it. Especially when she's getting a little over stimulated, but I understand that since she's a bit shy and anxious to begin with. My main issue is that it's pretty much excessive and I've tried most of the ideas I've found. I got her a head collar which is just a front collar that forces her to stop and look at me when she tries to pull and it works pretty well but she doesn't like it obviously since it limits her. If you all have any suggestions on other ways I can try to get her to stay with me better they'd be much appreciated! Thank you for your all's time!

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