Help us prepare for bringing home our first puppy!

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Just to clarify, I've read the wiki back to front so have a (fairly) decent base of knowledge, but any extra tips would be amazing!

We're bringing home our first puppy, a golden retriever girl in three weeks time (she'll be eight weeks then). Any tips? Anything that was awesome for you? Any essential purchases other than the basics in the wiki? Basically I'm just being a massive Type A dog mom who just wants to be as prepares as we can be (although I totally get that it will be overwhelming AF at the start!!).

Our current plan:

Have just my fiance´, her and I the first week and one of us will be near her 24/7 but she will have dedicated time per day for ‘solo play’ where she learns to amuse herself. We’ll be nearby but not directly playing with her if that makes sense. 2 hours of naps / crate time for every hour of playing Take out to pee every 2 hours For the first week I plan to sleep on an air bed beside her crate rather than having her in my room to start with and move away. Rather I'm planning to move myself away gradually so first night I'll be beside her crate, then move across the room, then into the next room, then (finally!) back to my own bed. Pee breaks at night have no playtime or anything so she doesn’t associate crying with us giving her attention, it’s straight outside to pee and back in her crate. We’re also getting a little playpen so if we’re doing something where she can’t be directly supervised or during her own solo play time she can still play but not be at risk of sticking her paw in a plug socket or something haha If she seems quite confident at week 2 we’re keen to take her out in our arms (so she can’t catch any diseases before she gets her second jabs) so she can hear car noise and smell things but still be in a safe snuggly place in our arms. (I know with horses it’s super important to expose them to loads of things when they’re little so it’s not a big deal when they’re older) If she doesn't seem ready during week 2 we’ll put it off to week 3 Lots of short car drives moving from my lap initially to being in the back (because I ain't carrying a fully grown golden on my lap haha) We’re also planning to take her to the vets a few times and just sit in the waiting room then let the staff feed her some treats so she doesn’t hate the car and the vets (our vets recommend this and don’t charge for it)

That's basically my planning so far! She'll be going to puppy classes after her last injections but that won't be until late january.

ALL friendly critique welcome!

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