Help transitioning to full-time work after over a month at home with puppy

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Hi everyone, I've been reading this sub since I got my now 14-week-old pup Whimzy and have found it incredibly helpful.

I have had Whimzy for almost 5 weeks and have been able to stay home and look after her / train her full time (graduated medical school last month and start my residency training next week). She has been doing great with crate training, and we follow a rough 1.5 hour awake / 2 hour nap schedule (and she sleeps through the night in her crate no problem). I have left her at home alone for ~3 hours in the crate with mostly success — a couple of times she has been anxious when I get home (crying when we get there, overexuberant greeting), but most of the time she makes a sound to see if anyone is around and settles back down (I set sound alerts on my Wyze cam). We've got a good supply of kongs, lickmats, and chew toys to keep her busy.

I plan to crate her and get a twice daily dog walker/sitter to start out next week when I have orientation, and I will continue to have walkers visit her while I work (my husband has a similar schedule). However, I am admittedly really anxious about this transition. I'm worried that since I've been around for this whole time and she hasn't spent enough time alone that she's going to develop separation anxiety and have major problems down the road. My husband thinks I'm probably a bit too anxious and that more than likely she'll adjust just like she's adjusted to living with us.

My question is: what can I do to prepare her for the transition next week? Should I practice leaving more or do something different? How can I relieve my anxiety?

Thank you so much in advance! Puppy tax

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