Help training my dog what area to stay in.

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Hi all. I have a baby Rottweiler I am currently attempting to leave at home. My set up is I am living in a small house/unit that is on a larger plot of land. During the day I am planning to leave my dog in the fenced off ‘backyard’ area of the main house in which there are two well behaved labradors (well one barks a bit that I am hoping avoid teaching to my dog) but of an evening and for meals and while I’m at home he will be staying in my own area of the property. The backyard area is fenced off with waist high thin metal ‘chicken coop’ style fencing.

How to I teach my dog that while I am away he must stay in that area with the labs but while I am there it is ok to leave and head to my smaller house. The labs are apprehensive about leaving the area and they definitely trust and have a connection to me as they are family dogs and we have grown up together but the Rottweiler is ‘mine’

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