Help training a chihuahua?

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Hey so just to start with: I've never really interacted with a dog before so I'm not sure how to approach training one, and this is really the only place I can think to ask about it

Anyways someone in the house recently got a chihuahua puppy, but they will not train it and it's starting to get rough with my cat, stealing his food while my back is turned, bugging him when he's trying to groom, etc. And with the country opening up I'm not gonna be able to babysit them both all the time, so can anyone give tips on how to train a chihuahua? If knowing the age helps I'm sorry but I'm not sure how to tell how old a dog is, but eyeballing it I'd say about 3 weeks-1 month? I think the owners are moving out soon so I guess it won't be a huge issue soon but I would prefer to know just to save trouble or just in case I end up with a dog of my own someday

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