Help teaching puppy how to walk, on a busy street with lots of kids and dogs.

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We live 6 houses away from our local elementary school, of which my daughter is learning completion of kindergarten. In addition to Piglet the boxer/pit/husky mix (16w, adopted at 8w) I also have a 2 3/4 year old human son, and a loose leash walking large GSP/ Akita/lab mix with good public walking skills and manners. I have practiced walking up and down our street and backyard with piglet for last few weeks (medium-high parvo risk, just got clearance)

She is just so amazed and overwhelmed with all the smells. I have a variety of harnesses and leads, not sure what is best method and schedule to work on walking with her. I need to teach her to walk with me to the school, ignore the kids and parents at drop off and sit while I say bye to the kid, and walk back home or go on a walk after. I can’t find a zak George video that pertains to me and my situation. I’m only without kids 3x a week where I can work on training her. Should I try to visit dog friendly shops as well or work on manners first? She’s highly trainable and food motivated. When she’s with my older dog Bodie, she can’t stop grabbing his neck skin or collar to tug and play. He plays back with her but girl needs to chill and enjoy a nice walk without getting so overstimulated. Can anyone guide me? Thanks!

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