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I have done some soul searching, and have decided that we may have to rehome our 6mo neutered dachshund, to give him a happier life.

First, to introduce him, we purchased him from a very reputable breeder which had high recommendations from a vet. Our vet, upon inspection said that our little guy was the healthiest puppy they have seen, the breeder took diligent records etc. The only thing is we didn't have a chance to do a puppy temperment test before purchase.

When he came to us, it took about a week for him to become confident enough to socialize with us. Recently I did a Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test of his initial behaviors at 7weeks and he screened mostly 5s. The descriptions read him perfectly:

"Fearful, shy and needs special handling Will run away at the slightest stress in its life Strange people, strange places, different floor or ground surfaces may upset it Often afraid of loud noises and terrified of thunder storms. When you greet it upon your return, may submissively urinate. Needs a very special home where the environment doesn’t change too much and where there are no children Best for a quiet, elderly couple If cornered and cannot get away, has a tendency to bite"

We have never cornered him or pushed him into uncomfortable portions but I suspect if pushed, he would snap.

He is high energy with a high prey drive and it takes him a good 60min of exercise to take the edge off and it will only last for 20min before he's back to his busy day….the 60min is broken into walks, play and training.

With familiar adults and dogs he has leash frustration, but has his hair/hackles up. With strangers and small children a low growl on lead and in home. In order to reduce his stress level, we crate him in a quiet room with a blanket. We also have our cat in a safe zone of our home.

He has had socialization experiences by the book, and we even tried puppy classes but he will shut down and hide under me – it has the opposite effect

We have looked into trainers who suggest due to his reactivity prong and e-collars are recommended, but to me, that's abusive….and will have a negative effect on his mental state.

Until a final decision is made, I still need to care for him…we plan on muzzle training him and looking into anxiety meds. We have been doing counter conditioning and avoidance of triggers.

It's sad, and his favorite person is my husband, he listens and respects him greatly. With the kids and I, he will get snippy/barky to initiate play…he never sleeps next to me on the couch and is always ON. He also looks to my oldest son as below him, and twice he has alert barked at him when my son did nothing to provoke him.

To be honest, my anxiety is through the roof due to his negative behaviors and his activity levels. My husband, who is gone most of the time due to work, says I don't correct him enough…but he isn't my first puppy nor first dog, and normal training doesn't work with him. We are past big box obedience training and are now in r/reactivedogs territory which to me is crazy because he's 6mo, and while rare, we have it. He isn't my first dachshund, but he is my first reactive one.

To be honest, the nipping, impulsiveness and hyperactivity should decrease with age, he seems to have bite inhibition and when he gets snippy he doesnt bite down hard or break skin. The biggest issue for me is the reactivity.

He needs a home that is quiet/calm where there aren't any young children, toy dogs or cats. It's just so sad…because we all love him very much.

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