[help] puppy won’t eat out of her food bowl any more

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We have a one year old GPS and a 7 week old cockapoo (yes way too young, we got her at 6 weeks from a bad situation). When we first took her home she ate well. She ate all her food and she was excited to eat. Our GSP doesn’t eat all of her food at once. It usually takes a couple hours for her to finish breakfast and about a hour to finish dinner. So the food is out often (the vet told us to take away her food after 30 minutes to get her to eat all at once, but we ended up not doing that for long because after a month of that she still wasn’t eating it all at once) so we let her graze her food servings.

Every time the puppy goes to eat the big dogs food we correct her by saying no, and placing her away from it. The big dog does not defend her food. Now the small dog won’t eat out of her own bowl. The bowls are in different locations so she isn’t confused by that. She only eats food off the floor at this point. I have to place the food on the floor and sit by her while she eats and encourage her. She did successfully eat out of a glass cereal bowl. Does she not like the bowl because it is identical, just smaller to the bigger dogs bowl? How can we correct our mistake? We don’t want her eating adult food as a puppy.

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