Help! Puppy has nuclear farts on Purina Pro Plan Sensitive.

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So my 14 week old Bernese Mountain Dog has a chicken and turkey allergy. Once we figured that out, I switched him to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Lamb & Brown Rice puppy kibble. He hated it and would only eat it if I mixed in wet food. That formula is super crunchy and I think it’s hard on his teeth.

I switched him to PPP sensitive skin salmon & rice and it’s the first dry kibble he has gobbled up. He’s been on it a month and the nuclear farts are only getting worse. His poops are fine, but he is so gassy (and snoozes in my office while I work and gassed me out alllllll day). His stomach gurgles some too throughout the day and he burps occasionally. He’s super happy though, unlike with the chicken and turkey food.

I don’t think it’s the protein because he’s always had freeze dried raw salmon pieces and it’s never bothered him. The rancid farts only began with the PPP.

Any thoughts or suggestions for alternatives? I don’t want to do grain free.

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