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I'm posting this on night one with my new rescue puppy. Her foster family said that she's used to going to bed later but that she is fine sleeping alone in her crate, but when I tried to leave her in her crate and head to bed, she started crying uncontrollably. She's about 3 months old, based on what I was told, and I took her out maybe 2 times within the hour before she was crying and she did go potty.

My question- I brought her into my bedroom after really heartbreaking crying. I know some people say to tough it out, but I did ignore her when she tried to climb up on my bed, and she fell asleep soundly on a small area on top of a little blanket I gave her. Her crate door is open right behind her incase she willingly decides to go in. Is this okay? I don't mind her sleeping in my room, hopefully in the future she will sleep in the crate, even if the crate is in my room. However, she will be alone for a few hours during the day in which she will need to be crated, so will me responding to her cries at night impact her being crate trained during the day?

TLDR- Is it okay to be more lax on your puppy crying in the first few nights, or is it best to completely ignore her from the get-go? Will I ruin any future chances of crate training?

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