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Hi folks,

My fiancée and I just bought a 10 week old lab collie mix. He looks more of a lab. Anyways we live in an apartment building and just received out first noise complaint about our puppy barking. How does one train him not to bark? Right now as far as I know he barks when we put him in his crate for 10 minutes. Then goes silent. We don't know what he's like while we are at work. During the night he will bark when he wants to go to the bathroom. We don't want to encourage that his barking gets our attention. We wait until he stops then we get him to go outside. Is there better ways to do this. Don't want to get evicted.

Tl;Dr : noise complaint at our apartment from puppy barking. We wait until he stops to give him attention to not reinforce barking. Anything we can do to train him not to bark?

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