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Hi! So my puppy is 9 weeks and I feel like we’re regressing in potty training. We’re staying at my parents house with a backyard for a few months, but will eventually be moving back to a big city and living in a high rise apartment. I know what everyone says about potty pads (I think I’ve read every post about them) but I want to give her an indoor potty option and the real grass deliveries are too expensive and the fake grass gets so smelly.

So we started with a potty pad in a pad holder in her playpen, and frequent trips outside. Ideally I want her to learn that those are her two options—outside or pad. This was going pretty well for a week or so! But now, it seems like she goes off the pad much more frequently than on it. Like, she’ll kind of sniff it and then chooses to squat inches away from the pad. I watched a Zak George video about pad training and he recommends lining the whole playpen with pads, and very gradually removing them until there’s one left. This is video was literally sponsored by a pad company though, so I’m suspicious. I just went ahead and lined the play area with pads, and she’s looking at me like I’m crazy but I figured we’d give it a try. Is this a terrible idea? Has anyone else had success with this method, or long term success with potty pads in general? Any alternative suggestions?

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