Help!!! Older dog, weird new anxious behavior.

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Breed: pit mix Age: 8 Gender: female

About a month ago I moved to a different city with my dog. She lives with a new cat, and they do fine together.

Problem: every morning she wakes myself and/or my roommate up panting. Salivating. And whining.

-At first I thought it was due to the construction outside, until it occurred on weekends, when there is no construction.

-thought it was the light, I have giant windows and no covers. But no, my roommates room is pitch black.

-maybe it’s other dogs early in the morning? So I closed the downstairs curtains so she can’t see. Nope

maybe she has to potty, nope. I would take her out every time and it still occurred.

it is happening now, at 2:13PM —- so everything I thought it was, it clearly isn’t.

And I’m going crazy. It’s infuriating and frustrating, I cannot sleep once I’m woken up, and it’s nonstop. Unless I get up and follow her, downstairs to my roommates room. And she just goes under the bed. But my roommate doesn’t want her in there anymore. If we lock the door, she howls.

She’s prescribed ‘as needed’ trazadone, but even on the sedation she will wobble around whining. So I don’t give it unless there’s a storm.

Please – help. What do I do.

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