~HELP: New Puppy Socialization During Covid 19~

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Hi everyone!

New 7.5 week old Golden Doodle puppy. Off work for 2 weeks (Wk 8 & 9) so with him 24/7.

With the social distancing going on I am wondering that when I go back to work (I’m a teacher so may be teaching online from home) should I put the puppy in day care maybe 2-3x a week to try and get socialized to other dogs and a few people (staff)?

Right now every day we are taking him to a new environment (mainly parks and around neighbourhood) to expose to sounds and smells but people are obviously avoiding us because of social distancing so getting a bit worried we’re going to have a puppy that grows up to be anti-social towards people AND other dogs.

Thanks for any advice and tips! 🙂

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