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So this isn’t our first dog.. We have a 4.5 year old golden retriever who is super calm and patient. We had another dog as her friend but she moved back home with the parents. After much thought we decided to get a companion for our golden to hangout with while we are on vacation. We ended up with a 8 week old maltipoo.

This maltipoo is extremely smart, and we’ve already taught her to sit, lie down, high five and stay. He’s also potty trained for the most part. He’ll have an accident here and there if he can’t see the potty pad. He almost never barks when we’re home and around the house as long as he can move around. At night he sleeps in a crate that we leave open. I engineered a tall fence so he can come out and pee on the mat. when we’re awake and home he’s leashes to the coffee table with a pee mat next to him, a bunch of toys and water.

Now that introductions are over. He can sleep through the night for the most part now. However, I go to work before my SO and when I get up he does too and starts barking. I usually try to get him out of his fenced area before he can start because I don’t want to give him attention once he starts. If he is barking, I quickly move him to the other room which shares no walls with neighbors. We have a bathroom on that side with two doors we can close and it’s always set up with pee pads and toys. That’s usually the place we let him cry it out. He spends most of the work day there right now.

One thing I was going to experiment with was to let him stay leashed to the coffee table when we’re gone. He doesn’t bark as long as the other dog is with him. He loves her but the issue is he bites the golden and the golden won’t make him stop. She’s too gentle and insteads lots to hangout far beyond his reach. This is when he starts barking and is one of the main reasons we can’t leave him out home alone.

We’ve also tried just giving him free roam of the house. For the most part he hits the mat but it doesn’t seem like he’s at a stage where we can do this without hurting his potty training. He’s at around 12 weeks old right now. Please help! Our golden never barked this way and was super easy growing up (potty training her was a different story).

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