[help] New 3 y/o dog doesn’t play well with strangers during walks

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I've try to read up before posting, but nothing was specific enough for my case. I adopted a dog about a month ago, and she's been very well behaved overall and is receptive to training and her new schedule. The only real issue is managing her on walks. People have been so complimentary and interested in her, too, so it sucks that I cant let them pet her. In some circumstances with a stranger, she will lunge if we get close, sometimes she will puff her back up and bark and tug on the leash, or she will be quiet and give them a sniff if they let her. It's variable, so I dont know the exact trigger. She gets very excited with my neighbors and always puffs up and barks heavily, but never growls or goes too crazy. In the dog park, she loves everyone and every other dog, and if I have friends over she's quick to ask for pets. During walks, I've tried to bring a squeaky toy to distract her when people are nearby, treats and a sit/stay combo to make her focus on me, but they have only been so successful, especially if I'm late to realize her interest in the stimulus. How should I approach training to manage this behavior?

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