Help needed with a potential problem I may run into today with my existing 9 month old Akita Inu Male

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I have 2 dogs, 7 year old Hima and 9 month old Tonbo. Hima is the calmest, quietest, sweetest, friendliest dog, so this isn't about her. Tonbo however, is a sweet buy who is quite territorial and protective of his family, though when he gets acclimated to strangers and strange dogs, they're his best friends.

Yesterday a friend of mine called me in a panic, begging me to watch her female Amstaff today as her dogsitter fell through. I agreed, as her dog has always gotten along well with mine, save for a few little initial tense meetings with Tonbo. That then turned into asking for a doggy sleepover. Also fine, although I have set up a baby gate in my house again to make sure if things get weird, I can sleep knowing they're separated.

However at the very end of the call she threw in very casually that her dog is in heat right now. Caught off guard, I still said it'd be fine, but now I've been stressing out about it. Hima is fixed so Tonbo has never really been introduced to a bitch in heat before. He's DEFINITELY starting to show his "teenage boy" curiosity when we go out, and I guess I don't know what I've just signed myself up for. I work from home and will be all alone, but I don't know how this is going to go.

What can I expect? What can I do? I feel terrible if I'm about to subject Tonbo to a full 24 hours of going mental from being around her. What can I do to prepare for this?

Thanks for your help!

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