Help needed when my 2 dogs are on a walk , aggressively barking at everything!!

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hello, I have had a rescue for 4 yrs hound mix female 50 lbs 6 yr old now. She has always been playful around new dogs and rather submissive. she has never attacked another dog unless it was attacking her first at the dog park. by that I mean, if they are trying to hump her or play too rough she will let them know she doesn't like it. it took her a while to feel comfortable around me being a male if I raise my voice or if there is a loud noise she gets scared. and I can never offer her a treat in the kitchen for example which has only one way out. she just turns and goes into her bed like I'm trying to catch her. she is constantly nibbling on her dog bed or blankets (I think it is anxiety) anyone know any more about how to stop this or calm her? I got another dog a year ago a long hair female now 2 yr old dachshund and it seems she is afraid of anything and kind of calms my older dog down a bit. they play great together although the little one thinks she is the boss. she gets along great with other dogs as well and is submissive and sweet.

Here is the problem. now that you have some of the back story….. when they are together on a walk with me , they bark their heads off at other dogs passing by. my dogs sound very vicious and it is hard to stop them from carrying on. they lunge forward and whine and bark very loudly. I try to sit them both down before the dog comes and get in front and it doesnt work. I have tried to have my girlfriend take one of the dogs and go ahead of me to separate them and this will work if the other dog left behind doesn't see the dog coming. if the dogs meet one on one they are fine then I can usually introduce them both. I can't always do that. how can I walk my dogs together without them barking and fear of them possibly getting loose and attacking a dog. thanks !

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