Help needed: he just won’t stop peeing inside the house

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Hello everyone meet Rolo, he's a 3 and a half years old male dog, not neutered, the issue is this…

The only way that he stops peeing inside the house is by leaving him outside during the night (wich I really don't want to do) he has unrestricted access all day and night to the front and back yard, I've tried teaching him, using all kinds of repelents on the places he pees, but as soon as he's left alone he'll pee inside the house again, often during the night.

I'm not taking him for walks now cause of the covid19 pandemic but even when we went regularly on walks the behaviour was the same, he has a big yard and goes outside to play with the cats everyday.

The only thing left to do would be to neuter him, but I get different opinions on this from the vets, some say its the only way to fix the peeing issue, some say I'll make no difference.

Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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