Help needed! 8 month old puppy does not have the idea of holding pee

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Hi redditors,

My husband and I are really struggling with this issue, really need some suggestions on this.

We got a American Eskimo puppy at her 10 weeks old. She's very smart and picks up things quickly. We taught her to ring a bell when she wants to go out and pee, she got this idea within just one day. At first it worked very well and she would ring the bell whenever she wanted to do her business. But then after couple of weeks, we noticed that, if we didn't bring her out within like 1 or 2 mins after she rang the bell, she would just pee on the door mat. We came to find out that ring-the-bell will cause issues like this, puppy might not get the idea of holding the pee. So we stopped using the bell and went back to crate training, teaching her to pee on our schedule, not on her will. The crate is right about her size. What is worse after crating training is, people say dogs don't wanna pee or poop at the place where they sleep, but my puppy doesn't agree with this. She will pee and lay down on her own pee, she just doesn't mind of being smelly and wet. She will poop and eat all of it. She always sleeps in the crate at night, and now we left her in the crate when we are out. We think she has a little bit separation anxiety which makes holding pee way harder in the crate. When we are out, she will cry a little bit in the crate and then rest for a while then cry again, rest again…until we are back (we have a camera to watch her while we are out), she will be super excited when we got home.

We've tried everything that we could find online about potty train, but she still didn't get the idea of holding it. We control her water intake in daytime and we have strict meal schedule. Last time we left the water bowl out and she drank too much water, she peed in the play pan 3 times within 1 hour (we were in the same room right beside the play pan, we cleaned the floor right after we noticed she peed). She does a little bit better on hard floor but she can't control herself on carpet or anything soft (like her own sleeping pad).This morning she peed on her own bed again. 🙁

My friend also got a American Eskimo puppy who is only 6 months old and he can already hold for 6-7 hours. We really need some suggestions about potty train a puppy who doesn't mind lying on her own urine, and how to give her the idea of holding the pee.

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