*help* Need some tips to stop our dogs from playing at the back fence

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Moved a few months back & have a bitch of a back neighbour who goes insane whenever her dog meets ours at the back fence and start making noise. She’s not going to train her dog so it’s on us. We have 4 dogs living here. Dog one is brilliant, recall is great and we can call her in easy when the ruckus begins. Dog two is also pretty good, she’s my mothers dog & recall is ok especially if you can grab some treats. Dog three is about 100 years old so not interested in doing anything anyone tells him, but he also can’t make too much of a fuss he just has a loud bark. But dog four… he’s our problem child. He’s only about 3 years old and FULL of energy still and his bark is piercing. He’s also blind and takes playing to a defensive fighting very quickly which is VERY loud. We have been trying to improve recall with treats when he comes but the neighbour has upped the ante by spraying them with a hose at the back fence (better than any treat) so things escalate – she won’t stop we have tried. We usually have to go physically remove him from the back fence but obviously we can’t always get to straight away The longest we have let them go at it would probably be 5 mins for context usually we grab dog four within the first 2-3 mins and then everything calms down. Does anyone have any tips? Should I just continue trying to strengthen re-call and get there eventually? Is there anything else I can teach him for this specific issue?? Preferably we’d like the back dog to be ignored all together but no idea how

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