[Help] My new rescue (2 years old) started putting on "the brakes" during our walks

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About a month ago we adopted a new dog, Penny, from the shelter. She is assumed to be a beagle-boxer mix. The first few weeks everything was great. Super social, walked fine, interacts well with other dogs. Last week she was on a walk with my partner through our neighborbood and someone set off fireworks in front of them, totally randomly. For the next couple days she refused to walk and will no longer walk that route. After a few days though she was walking fine again.

Earlier this week she started "putting on the brakes" during our walks (both with me and my partner separately). We use a harness on our walks, so it is like we are pulling her entire body along. We can barely get a block and have to start doing crazy zig-zags crossing the street to even attempt to get in a mile. When we jog, she is fine until, again, she puts on the brakes. Once she knows we are on our way home she walks fine. I have tried positive reinforcement and giving her training treats, but she doesn't want to budge. Any advice on why this suddenly started happening and how we can fix it? Thanks!

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