HELP! My dog refuses to be crated!

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I first got Winston as a rescue dog. I crated him for a whole year, making sure not to discipline him in it so he knew that it was his happy place. He would be happy to go in his crate when I left and when I slept without any crying or barking.

For some reason—a year later—he refuses to sleep in his crate. He’s fine going in it when I leave, but for bedtime he’ll bark and whine the whole time. I have upstairs neighbours who do not enjoy his barking at night—which is normally at 3am because I bartend) so I’ve given up and just let him sleep uncrated (I close my door at night so that he know that my bedroom is my space). For the most part he is good out of the crate, but he likes to chew stuff. I rent my place so I don’t want to risk him damaging the property. I don’t know why he’s suddenly acting out and I’m at a loss of what to do to manage it. Any tips!?

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