Help! My 9 mth old pup got attacked by my mom’s dog

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My husky got attacked by my mom's dog yesterday. We don't live together but they've been playing well since my pup was 12 weeks old, she's 9 months now.

Her dog is very stressed and has really bad food guarding. She gets so upset that when a new dog turns up that she refuses food and moves all her bones from their spots. I wasn't told until after my pup was attacked that nobody wants to enter the dog park when she's around and that she's attacked every dog she's been with. They even put down their other dog because they thought it was the instigator.

I was standing next to my dog when she was attacked, it happened all of a sudden and wasn't because my dog invaded its space. She was lunged at, has a big gash on her face and defensive marks on her legs from when she rolled over and tried to defend herself. She screamed the most horrible screams and wouldn't stop even after I was cradling her. I'm really upset that I put her in harms way and I wish that she never got hurt like that.

I told my mom that if she doesn't get a professional trainer to sort out her dog that I won't visit anymore. She doesn't believe in dog training even though she can see that her dog has issues. She has refused any notions of attempting to train her dog at all.

I guess I just want to know if I'm over-reacting and any tips on how to approach this.

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