HELP! My 7mo BMD attacked me… Again!

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The title kinda says it all! But I am sitting here covered in tears and Neosporin that my husband had to help me apply to both of my arms!! I took her out to do a “business trip” in our typical spot because she already had a very long walk today. She just finished pooping and kicking the grass, and I just finished shaking the back down to tie it when.. she lunged at me!! I threw up my arm and she would NOT stop I couldn’t restrain her she kept going for my hands and arms purposely going for my skin vs my shirt ( normally if she gets biting if she tastes or senses my skin lately she stops… Not this time!) she bit down on my wrist so hard I have a purple welt, and covered in scratches, bruises, teeth marks,and welts. She just wouldn’t stop it was 20 minutes!! I got her down for a minute or two and just tried to breathe with her to settle her down but she popped back up and come at me again. And then just like that as if nothing happened she got up went over and laid in a side piece of grass, refused to get up, and I had to drag her back in the house. She’s currently in the crate. This is NOT the first time, but this is the worst time in a long time.. at least this bad! Back story: We got our female Bernese Mountain Dog at eight weeks old and from the time we had her and brought her home, until she was about 4 1/2 months old it was clear that there was something different about her. Her biting was always out of the control. My husband and I had more than just puppy blues but almost regret, we were worried and so stressed that it was taking a toll on our relationship. We took her to the vet and they put her on Puppy Prozac and we’ve seen huge improvements since in her and our family Dynamic! Her listening got better, her bite pressure improved! And I can honestly say that I can only count on one hand since that time that she’s kind of gone crazy… But nothing like this! she may bite at me a couple times or come at me aggressively trying to play after a poop, but I’ve always been able to handle it, and she’s always gotten the message that it’s NOT OK when I firmly tell her “NO!” Calmly walk into her space to re-clean mine (she jumps up at me,) and show her more appropriately at to play. After that she’s GOOD! We can go home, go for a continued walk, play together nicely, she’ll listen to commands, she’s good! We’ve been to two different puppy classes already ( every time she’s an angel there). Her training is great! There’s nothing wrong there. She knows so many commands and is such a smart girl! But every time we bring up this problem they tell us to just use the same tactics, tell us to just stick with it, and act like it’s solved. In working with her we’ve tried to wine, say “NO!”, reward her and praise her when she licks you with treats and loves, timeouts in the crate when she gets to amped and biting , walking into another room, admittedly even some not so nice things pressing down on her tongue or The roof of her mouth to get her to let go. We have tried it all! …Or at least I think, and this is where I NEED YOUR HELP! We want to give her every chance but I can’t put up the unpredictability and her frantic attacks out of nowhere! She can be such a sweet girl!! We definitely can see were she has the great potential to be a wonderful family dog,but there’s this dark side to her that I don’t understand and just want to help her with!

TLDR; today my 7 month old BMD female attacked me, biting me all over my arms and hands for 20 min. We’ve had lots of problems before with her mouthiness, and she’s on puppy Prozac, which for the most part has helped a lot!! She’s been in two puppy classes already and everyone thinks that the typical ways of handling a dog that likes to bite is the answer and just leaves it at that. My husband and I are at a loss for how to handle her freak outs and she’s only getting bigger! We love her and we want to help her and we see how she can be a good family dog, but days like today where I’m left crying and bruised, idk what else we can do, PLEASE help!

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