Help! My 6 month old puppy keeps attacking me.

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I have a 6 month old 44-pound pitbull / mystery mix puppy. Sometimes, she’ll randomly (often as soon as we leave the dog park – just moved down the block from one and been going a lot to burn off energy) start to try to run circles as fast as she can while on her leash and then will jump up and start biting at my legs, my coat, whatever she can get. It hurts frankly and has been leaving bruises now that she’s got adult teeth. I think what’s prompting the “attacks” is her being overstimulated and excited (because she never seems aggressive; tails usually wagging, no barred teeth, etc), but she’s strong and it hasn’t been easy to stop her while in those modes. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any advice for (1) avoiding the overstimulation frenzy in the first place and (2) snapping her out of those excited biting modes? Thanks!

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