[Help] Moving in with GF and wanting to train her dog to be more mannered for an apartment

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Moving in with my GF in two months and she has a Shit Zu who is “a little jackass” as we both say. He’s cute but she admits she didn’t train him to have manners and actually made it worse by feeding him from the table. I have an Australian Cattle Dog who is trained to be well mannered, so it’s frustrating me so far.

There are a couple things where he’s not trained that my ACD is that have been frustrating:

Walking on loose leash (this is gonna be the hardest to train) Barking at noises like a guard dog (this isn’t bad. My dog does the same and I like it. But getting him to stop is hard) BEGGING FOR ATTENTION AND BARKING. OMG Manners like begging for food. Jumping up and down. Scratching to get out of the crate. Etc

He knows how to beg and will even beg at my dog to play. But the bad part is when he barks and barks and barks for your attention. He won’t let two people hug. If she and I hug in front of him he won’t stop barking until we stop or pet him while we hug. He wants the attention and when he’s not getting it he barks.


I know ‘ignoring bad behavior’ is the way and not saying ‘no’ because that obviously hasn’t worked. But what’s the best way given that I don’t want to annoy neighbors too much? How do I train him and get my GF on board without hurting their feelings? She admits he’s annoying with it, and I can tell it annoys her sometimes. BUT I don’t want to have her think that I’m controlling her dog.

I think the biggest obstacle is her 'giving in' – which is why she feeds him while eating sometimes (2-3 little bits after we are done, after making him sit).

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