[HELP] Maltese Mix Reacting Jealously or Protectively?

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Hey all 🐾.

So, my fiance has a predominately Maltese-mixed doggo that lives with us – Zeus. For the most part he is a good / well-behaved doggo. He does his business at the pad, knows boundaries (except when he's excited and energetic) and primarily loves to cuddle or be rubbed. I bathe him, rub him many times a day, walk him 2-3 times a day, gives him so more attention when he wants it (which is often), and more. I feel like we have a pretty good relationship.

He's would always exhibit, what to me, is a protective bark when I hover over my fiance to give him a kiss or affection. It's a howling mixed with barking which to me says, "get off of him! Don't hurt him!". Zeus would run up to me in anattempt to bite, but he is definitely not a biter, so it ends up as a nervous lick. This behavior I can understand and I've been patient with him, but lately it's has increased a little more.

My fiance has a daughter that sometimes sleeps overnight and Zeus has taken a liking to her sweet energy and her nails (enhances the belly rubbing experience ten fold). In the morning, my fiance gets dressed for work, picks up Zeus, lays him next to me, we cuddle while I'm half asleep, and fiance kisses us goodbye. Zeus uausally ends up with the daughter in the next room. I wake up to go to the bathroom, all of sudden that protective howl-bark starts the second I step out from my room in the living (area where daughter is sleeping) like he's protecting her.

I'm confused. He only does this to me, what gives?

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