[Help] Looking for tips to make trimming my dogs nails easier

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I'll try to keep this short. My dog is a 50 pound, 4 year-old mountain cur. He's always been anxious with people touching his feet, even when we play with his feet all the time to try and get him more comfortable. Now all of a sudden it's apparently impossible to trim his nails. We usually bring him to the vet to get it done (he squirms and his nails are black). Last time, they only did 2 nails and gave us a sedative to give him before bringing him in again. Today, we gave him the max dose, and they said they could only trim one nail. The vet now says they will only do it if we do a full sedation. I'm not doing that.

I'm looking for ANY tips for making this easier! Whether we bring him in or somehow get it done ourselves, what are some suggestions?

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