HELP Leash & Harness Training A Rescued 7 Month Old Previously Abused Miniature Longhaired Dachshund

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So a little backstory, I "rescued" this puppy from my sister. She never did anything to her as far as I know, but her ex-fiance physically abused the puppy on numerous occasions for just being a puppy (chewing things, going to the bathroom in the house, etc). When I first got the pup, she seemed normal and would play with her ball or chew toys, but every time I approached or said "No" to get her not to do certain things, she would tuck her tail and just freeze. When I reached down to pick her up she would sometimes let out a little bit of pee I assumed for being scared I was going to hit her. She also was not potty trained at all.

The pup has since gotten better but she still isn't the same and in all honestly maybe never will be because of the abuse. She no longer lets out any pee when I tell her no, or go to pick her up but she does still freeze and tuck her tail. She is also very skittish when it comes to walking on a leash & harness. She HATES it. She seems MISERABLE when its on her. She will walk a bit and then just plop down and won't move. I don't know how to approach this because I need her to be able to walk on a leash & harness.

Otherwise she is a normal pup and is making quick friends with my cat playing with him a lot lately. Seems a lot happier, eats and drinks regularly and is starting to be very good with the potty training but the issue now is the leash & harness.

Any tips/advice for getting her to accept it and walk with them on?

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