[HELP] I’m worried my dog has separation anxiety

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I have an almost 1 year old, spayed female, Lagotto Romagnolo. I have recently started working full-time, which means she is now home alone for 8hrs a day. We keep her in the bedroom during this time, with food, water, and toys. She's been fairly mischevious. She has learned to open the sliding closet doors, even getting through two child locks, and pulling down our clothes and chewing up some hangers. She also pulls our sheets off the bed. We no longer leave the laundry hamper in the bedroom because she now knows how to knock it over to get the dirty clothes inside. I initially figured this was due to boredom, but now im not so sure. The bottom of the door is scratched up, and she barks when we leave. She usually won't eat her food until we get home. Today, I left her a stuffed kong and she didn't even eat that until I got home. I also decided to record her today. For what seems to be the first 5 hours, I can hear her intermittently barking, panting, howling, whining, and scratching at the door. For the last 3 hours, there's just silence.

I'm worried she has separation anxiety. Am I right? What can I do to help her? We don't have daycares near us, neither me nor my partner can go home for lunch, and I would like to avoid getting a trainer if possible, due to the cost.

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