Help! I have a two year old standard poodle boy who always pees on his front legs.

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Ever since my boy was a pup he has been doing this. I have read that sometimes it is a faze that he will eventually grow out of. I have also heard that it is common with this breed of dog. Is it just the angle of his body type? He will lift his leg but sometimes lower it mid stream 🤦‍♀️ I have tried helping him keep his leg up but he still seems to mess himself. He is not neutered yet and I plan on doing this in the future. I'm not sure if that is a factor. Maybe it's a territorial thing? Is there anything I can do to train him not to do this for now? I love cuddling him and it is difficult when he is so stinky 🤢 Ps. This is written on my mobile so apologize for my crappy writing.

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