Help! Husky training tips for indignant puppy please! 😂

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My beautiful 15 week old baby is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old and she's really well behaved normally. She knows all the basic commands like sit, lie down, roll over, paw, etc. She's also 90% toilet trained, has really good impulse control etcetc.

I am saying this because we've trained her very successfully with lots of love and patience (and positive methods) but when it comes to setting up boundaries, she absolutely hates it!

We're trying to train her to be comfortable on a mat so we can have her around while still doing chores. Even with lots of high-value treats, praise and ignoring bad behaviour, it just doesn't work. She hates it so much that she'll growl, lunge at our faces/hands, attack us if we tell her to get on the mat. Yesterday she even attacked my husband when I was telling her off because my hands were out of reach!

I know it'll take time to train, huskies are a stubborn breed and I don't need or want a perfectly behaved dog, but I'm more worried about her attacking us when she doesn't like the command. Any tips?

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