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I have a yorkie/miniature poodle mix and he's a year and a half old, refuses to be housetrained. I keep him leashed to me at all times or in a diaper if I have to leave him alone. Problem is, he'll obey about not peeing in the house ONLY as long as I'm watching him. I can even let him go and wander the house and I'll follow him around for 30-45 minutes and he will be very good and obedient about not peeing in the house, he'll go and ring the bell by the door to be let out and go pee. But if he is allowed to get out of my sight the first thing he does is pee or poop somewhere. He'll even do it while leashed to me occasionally if he notices that I am not paying attention to him. So my question is how do I get him to go from obeying while I follow him around and watch him, to obeying when I'm not home or not looking right at him?

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