Help house training an adult dog who doesn’t have basic dog instincts

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We are stumped as to the correct way to proceed housebreaking our adult dog (a male Pomeranian named Eevee) we just recently adopted.

For some background, Eevee is a year and a half old and has been using puppy pads indoors for his entire life. We just adopted him a couple days ago so we know there is a journey ahead to get him to do his business outside and we don’t expect it to happen overnight, but his quirky personality make it very difficult to correct this behavior. He doesn’t seem to know the standard dog behaviors that make housebreaking possible.

When he goes out for walks he walks like a pro- truly like a pro! He heels perfectly by default and walks like a show dog with his head up the whole time (and we’re talking extensive 3 km walks!) This is great for exercise, but he has no interest in stopping to smell the roses as dogs usually do. As a result he won’t smell where other dogs have peed and has no interest in peeing there himself. Any dog I’ve walked before has wanted to mark the entire world, and comes back empty from a long walk whether they are housebroken or not. Eevee on the other hand will go on this long walk, never once pee even with us having him make frequent stops by trees and poles beside a dog park, even hanging around in the yard after we get back… but then shortly after coming inside he pees! It is almost like he thinks he is not supposed to pee outside and is supposed to try his hardest to save it for inside!

He did pee outside once on one of these long walks and we immediately gave him a treat and lots of praise, but because of his reluctance to pee outside we haven’t been able to repeat this yet despite spending extensive periods of time outside.

How do we convince him to do his business outside? Would it help to have him hang out with other dogs to maybe learn some behaviors from them? We are having the hardest time convincing him to change his behavior. Any advice is appreciated many times over! Thanks

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