Help help help. 1 year old corgi is showing aggression towards our 4 year old pug.

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Corgi is showing aggression and guarding. He is also barking more than we’d like and tries to herd the pug.

Our house is a one bedroom apartment and my husband and I both work full time. They get walked once a day while we’re gone and then we walk them again when we’re home. I’m going to try to implement more exercise into the corgi’s life to try and reduce the behaviors, but it seems to only make a difference if he is 100% worn out. The pug is not a fan of excessive exercise.

Our corgi is a guardian of his food bowl and even gets upset when the pug eats his own. We’ve started feeding them separately but it has not stopped the aggression. The corgi smells the food on the pug after he eats, snarls and nips at the pugs face, and then licks the same spot promptly after. It’s gotten to the point where the pug won’t even play with toys until he’s alone without the corgi in the room.

The pug is very submissive and is attached to me while the corgi is attached to my husband. They have been fighting more and more recently because the corgi will herd him into a corner and not let him out, and because the pug is submissive he will not fight back unless they get into a real cartoon style dust cloud brawl. (These fights are the only time the pug will fight back.)

Things we’ve tried:

Taking the food away from both of them when any guarding appears

Removing one dog from the room

Separate feedings

Stern sound making to stop a behavior (eh! Or tsst!)

Making the dogs sit when they are starting to fight (doesn’t work at all)

We are going to call the vet soon to get a recommendation for a behavioral specialist soon. Does anyone have any ideas what we can do to lessen the corgi aggression? Or at least have an idea as to why he hit one year old and started acting out?

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