[Help] Getting new dog to stop mouthing Older dog

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Hello! My family and I are adopting a Great Pyrenees that is about 2 years old, from our neighbor who is moving and unable to take him. We already have a 14 year old Labrador. They ran along the fence together (which separated them on either side) and when we brought him over to our yard they played and seemed to have fun. They had one scuffle the other day when she walked by his food bowl while he was eating but she's an indoor dog and he's an outdoor one so it's easy enough to not feed him when she's outside, though we did take him back to his house and left him for a day to give them a break from one another. He's been mouthing her a lot especially her ears and butt which annoys her after awhile and makes her growl. He doesn't really back off very much and will go right back to doing it. It seems playful and not aggressive but she does not enjoy it regardless. Any advice on getting him to stop would be appreciated. He needs a lot of training in most things but the most pressing thing is getting him to recognize that she doesn't enjoy him mouthing her.

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