Help! Dog refuses to go potty outside.

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We adopted a husky mix a week and a half ago. Not sure on the mix because despite being part husky she’s about half the size of a normal husky. She’s a sweet dog with a ton of anxiety. We know the anxiety and opening up part will take time but that’s not our concern right now. The concern is she will not go potty outside whatsoever.

We take her out every hour and a half for 15-20 mins. Walk her all over the yard, she sniffes everything but won’t go. Then when we bring her in she runs off and pees. We went back to basics, leash at all times attached to us, crate etc…but she will not potty outside. Even on the leash once we bring her in when we turn to close the door she will start to squat to go. We immediately do a quick clap, nothing to startle her, bring her back outside for another 15-20 mins and she won’t go. We know she has to because she just tried! So now she is watched like a hawk. Our eyes are never off her so she won’t go if we are looking at her and she won’t go in her crate. So she just holds it in all the times.

We thought we had a breakthrough on day 4, we brought her out first thing in the morning and she pooped and peed right away and was met with high praise and treats. But that was it. We are at the point where we take her down to the laundry room after she’s been holding it in for a ridiculous amount of time (24 hours since last pee or 48 hours since last poop) and just leave the room and let her go and she does go within 5 mins. We know this is a terrible thing and will not teach her a darn thing but at that point what choice do we have? Either let her do that or get deathly ill for holding it in so long.

We have a vet appointment Tuesday to rule out anything medical but I doubt it is medical. She can poop and pee just fine when we’re not watching her and as long as she is inside but she just will not go outside at all no matter how badly she actually has to go.

Lastly, we don’t have a fenced in yard but bought a stake with a 35 foot leash and have left her outside alone on the stake for up to an hour and watch her through our bedroom window. She runs around, sniffes everything but just won’t go since she’s outside.

Any help or suggestions please? We knew any rescue would have accidents and would probably not be fully house broken or would have regressed with the stress of the whole adoption process and need to be retrained. No problem with that I’ve house broken many dogs as has my wife. But I’ve never encountered a dog who just refuses to go to the bathroom outside no matter what. It’s mind boggling and we have no answers!

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