[Help] Crying and barking in the crate in the morning – Should I ignore her?

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I have a foster dog that I've had for about a week, and foster dogs are always going to be a complete training mystery, but OMFG this latest dog is a challenge. She's a 6 month old (ish)… maybe husky/lab mix? She was found as a stray, and she was extremely skinny. She's in her rebellious teenager phase too, so that's fun.

Anyway, she sleeps in a crate in our bedroom. In the mornings, she gets up at sunrise, and starts banging on the crate door, and I've learned that I have like 2 minutes to jump out of bed and get her outside before she just pees and poops in her crate. Yes, it's the right size. She just goes to the bathroom and then lays in it. So we go outside, she goes to the bathroom, I bring her back upstairs and in the crate and go back to bed. And then for the next hour or so she just barks. and barks. and barks. and whines. And barks. and BARKS.

My first instinct was to roll over, not look at her, and not give her any feedback or attention. Occasionally I'd yell at her to SHUT UP. But she persists. Is this the right method? She has a toy and a chew in there. I have 2 other dogs that are loose in the room, but they're used to foster dog shenanigans, and they completely ignore her. It's not like they're wandering around teasing her. She might want breakfast, but I don't want her to think that she can make a fuss and get her way. She gets breakfast in a couple hours when everyone else gets breakfast. Should I just cave and feed her right after I let her outside? Any other ideas?

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