Help chihuahua pup (11wks) won’t stop biting. Is it normal? How long does it take for puppies to stop biting?

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My husband bought us a puppy chihuahua. She was 8 weeks when we first got her. Three days in the new home she started biting us, nipping rapidly in our direction and recently she started growling. It’s a really cute growl but I’m worried she is gaining aggressive behaviors.

We’ve been training her to not bite by rewarding her when she licks us instead. When she suddenly gets a burst of energy and starts chomping on us we give her a time out in the bathroom. Her bites are not strong, her teeth are just super pointy. We also have toys for her to teeth on but she just would rather go for our face, hands and feet. She is also going to puppy playtime at petco to socialize.

She is now 11weeks old. I wanted to know if this is normal puppy behavior? What can we do to get her to stop ? Do we just have to be patient with what we’ve got ?

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