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I have a 6mo Plott Hound. Last night at the dog park it finally happened, he went full on nose. First off he played with dogs a good, swam a little, played by himself a little, sniffed a little, played with dogs again. This is his normal routine but after and hour and a bit at the park he went full on nose.

He found some scent trail that really clicked from him and he even baying on the trail. He seemed to follow it and pick it up again and again through the very large dog park. Easily 30 min non-stop at a lope just mapping out the whole park. He stopped and played with some dogs a bit. But then he got on the trail again and was back in smell-land.

He was completely obliviously you everything else. He was ignoring me, he wasn’t playing keep away or catch me. He was in another world. If I could catch attention at all it was a drive-by half look up and he was pulled back into his nose. High value treats got a drive-by sniff and almost cursory mouthing without actually taking them. He just continued a lope baying at the ground now and then. Quickest pause for water and back at it. No matter if I left the park – he didn’t notice. Dogs playing or balls crossing in front of him, he doesn’t notice them. Every other dog leaving the park oblivious. (We are past curfew now). He wasn’t staying away from any one particularly. If the trail brought him close to you, it brought him close – if not then not.

In the end, one of the owners brought there dog back and he pretty much body slammed my Plott trying to play. Then that slowed him enough that I could tackle him. Once being restrained broke through his nose, he was perfect. He let me leash him and came away with me without a protest. I have know idea what set him off. Normally dog parks have been so overrun with activity he doesn’t sniff with any purpose that much. He has never been that full-on and only close to it while on lead.

Any ideas of what I can do in this situation? I don’t want get booted from the park because of breaking curfew and not having control of him. How can I even get him to attend to me when his nose is switched on? Obviously I never have him off lead in other situation unless we are working in the water. But I thought the dog park would be contained enough not to worry about this.

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